Flatbed Towing

Service and Safety Guaranteed

When you wish to move your car from one point to another, flatbed towing is surely one good towing method. These trucks will help to tow your vehicles whenever you are. You do not need to worry about costs when you contact us. Our flatbed trucks are not just in great conditions, furthermore you can be assured our service is affordable.
Our trucks are well-maintained, available 24-hour daily. We have the most knowledgeable dispatch in the area. We know exactly what to do and will provide fast assistance. The importance of safety cannot be understated, that is why we take care and effort to ensure our customer’s safety.

Flatbed Towing - (424) 625-7201

Size Does Not Matter to Us

There is no need to worry about the size of your vehicle. No matter it is a sedan, sports vehicle, SUV, medium size truck or luxury car, we are can manage them. We are dedicated in our services, and our experienced and professional technicians are on standby to serve you in whatever situation.

Years of Experience

Our company is a quality towing company, through years and have dedicated ourselves to our community. Regardless of locals or tourists, we deliver efficient services. When we receive distress call for an emergency tow, we get right to it. Our well trained crew will reach to your location within minutes to safely move your vehicle to your desired location. We have fleet of both light and medium duty trucks which are made up of regular tow trucks and flatbed tow trucks. They are all designed to provide our customers with a guaranteed damage-free towing experience. We offer affordable towing rates that you will surely find our pricing reasonable.
So give us a call today. We ensure your vehicle will be safely transported to the destination you instructed.

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